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The Mindset Experience®

Feb 21, 2024

Alan Stein Jr. is a performance coach, speaker and author who has spent 15+ years working with the highest performing basketball players on the planet, including NBA superstars Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Kobe Bryant. He now transfers his unique expertise to maximize both individual and organizational performance.


Feb 14, 2024

As the son of a lacrosse legend, Tom Schreiber was given a stick “immediately” and taught the value of hard work, sacrifice and “practice after practice.” His foundation put him ahead of his peers physically, so he chose to invest in his development mentally as his main competition was, “me vs. me.”


Feb 7, 2024

Shannon Will, owner of Will Power PT is among the best sports physical therapists in the area and recipient of  Baltimore’s Best Physical Therapy in 2022. Dr. Will has extensive experience in treating professional athletes (NFL, CFL, NBA , PLL, MLS, MLB, MMA) and Division I collegiate athletes in sports including...