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The Mindset Experience®

Apr 26, 2023

Erin Washington is an author, podcast host and former DI college athlete who struggled with weight and body image for 20 years. Her drive and determination to achieve perfection created an unachievable standard and a longstanding eating disorder. Ironically, she finally found her best body at 37 after having two kids. Her choice to listen to her body not only lowered her stress but also fueled her confidence to apply for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at age 41! Erin promotes a balanced lifestyle of “Squats and Margaritas” and offers specific tips and motivation showing women how to trust in their future selves, improve results and live a happier, more balanced lifestyle. Her nonprofit, Blue Butterfly Foundation provides mentorship for teen girls struggling with body image and self-worth.

@iamerinwashington, @squats_and_margaritas, @the_blue_butterflies_