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The Mindset Experience®

Nov 30, 2022

Lisa Wimberger began meditation at the age of 12 but without the proper knowledge and guidance she used it as an escape rather than a way to connect with herself. At the age 15, she was struck by lightening which set off a series of seizure like episodes extending into her adulthood causing her heart to stop on multiple occasions. She created the process of Neurosculpting to save her own life out of necessity and commitment to her husband and daughter. By understanding the brains learning process, she created a process to disrupt her own flight/flight/freeze response ensuring she would never have an episode again. Now as the founder of the Neurosculpting Institute, co-founder of the NeuroPraxis App and author of seven books, she teaches audiences from corporate leaders to FBI to Secret Service how to manage the challenges in life, regulate ones emotions and intentionally focus on appreciating the unremarkable. 


@neurosculpting, @lisa_wimberger