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The Mindset Experience®

Nov 9, 2022

Born to a single teenage mom in the inner city, football replaced the void left by the absence of his biological father. For Marq Brown, the structure, discipline and work ethic required to succeed felt natural and comforting. It led him to Auburn University where he met his wife (also a D1 athlete) and a spot on the NY Jets. After an abrupt end to his NFL career, the feelings of abandonment resurfaced creating feelings of depression and uncertainty in his identity. However, he found his passion for fitness, and connected with amazing people who continuously challenge themselves mentally, physically and professionally . As such, he learned the value of training his mind and “his hustle like his muscle.” Now a proud father of twin boys, he uses his personal experiences to be available, interested and appreciative in his children’s lives making sure no matter what they choose to do, they understand “they were born to do this.”

@marqbrown, @theblackbearsden