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The Mindset Experience®

Aug 2, 2023

Brandon “Soul Cole” Coleman’s life story is all about defining, refining then redefining himself. As a redshirt freshman on the Rutgers football team, he chose the mindset to show up every day in practice and make himself so valuable that he could not be overlooked. He used the exact same blueprint as an undrafted rookie to earn a spot on the New Orleans Saints.

After suffering a career ending injury in 2018, he was faced with the reality that he while he had mastered the physical part of training, he had overlooked the most important part, the mental part. As such, he committed to transition into the health and wellness space by achieving a Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate at Georgetown University as well as completing the MBSR program from the Mindfulness Center at Brown University, School of Public Health.

As a Flow Facilitator, Mental Performance Coach, Certified Breath Coach and Sound Healing Practitioner, Soul Cole breaks down his non negotiables into actionable items that allow him to always “Be Curious” while helping others attain balance, intention, and wellness.