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The Mindset Experience®

May 10, 2023

Abdelrahman Elaraby AKA Haridi Sameh hails from Cairo, Egypt, where he was a member of the Egyptian National Team, 2018 Junior Olympic Bronze medalist, and 2018 Egypt National Champion, and 2018 Mediterranean Games Silver medalist. He is also a 2X All African Champion and NCAA Champion. While he may be superhuman in the water, a suicide attempt one year ago resulted in a coma nearly ending his life. Despite missing  the NCAA tournament, he gained a new perspective, and learned the value of being just an “average” human being. Elaraby discusses how stigma is perpetuated in college athletics, highlights the lack of proper knowledge and resources and details the thoughts, emotions and events of his suicide attempt. 

WARNING: This episode contains emotionally sensitive material including discussion around suicide that may be triggering or disturbing to some listeners. If any of the content in this podcast evokes concerning thoughts or feelings, please reach out or speak to someone you trust.