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The Mindset Experience®

Aug 23, 2023

At the age of 4, Cory Camp fell into a pool almost drowning before being saved by his father, an elite swimmer which sparked his own interest in the sport. At age 17, he collapsed and hit his head due to an  electrical malfunction in his heart, but a coach showed him the power of psychological safety allowing him the freedom to keep pursuing his dream. After his elite swim career ended, his sense of identity foreclosure led to severe alcohol use, depression, weight gamin and body image struggles.  Cory’s story is one of continuous vulnerability leading to being saved leading to the mindset of nothing to lose leading to strength and success.

He has chosen to use his experiences by becoming a Life Optimization Coach and Community Builder for former athletes to find themselves beyond sport and access the “zone” into daily life. His company “Forever Athlete” embodies a mission to help athletes feel less alone after that last whistle while helping them realize their calling isn’t over because they don’t play their sport like they once did.