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The Mindset Experience®

Mar 8, 2023

Laura Wilkinson has achieved every honor in the sport of Diving. She is 3x Olympian, Gold Medalist, World Champion, 2X NCAA Champion, 8X All-American, and holds 19 USA Diving National Titles. At the age of 43,she even qualified for finals in the 2021 Olympic trials with her 4 kids watching. Her path was filled with obstacles as she started late, was called a “waste of space” by a coach and gave up her college scholarship to train for the Olympics only to shatter her foot leaving her unable to train  just months before the 2000 Sydney Games. Her mindset to “rather fail than not try” and her choice to find humor and joy and in the scariest of moments enabled her to overcome the impossible coming from 8th place in the final round to achieve her childhood dream of winning an Olympic Gold Medal. She teaches current athletes that we will all have challenges that will define us.